The Power of Gratitude


Thanks, Merci, Gracias, Jazakallah, Shukriya, Dhanyavad are all very small words with great depth and magical effect. These words are commonly used very frequently to express our gratitude for any act of kindness performed by anyone. The virtue of gratitude, when expressed sincerely at the right time, pleases the individual whom you are thanking, to such an extent, that he is inspired to be more kind and towards even more persons. Life becomes more pleasant when you are content with what you have and are grateful to the LORD for the blessings HE has showered on you from time to time. Just try to enumerate these and you will compile an exhaustive list.

A very wealthy man, distressed by circumstances was once travelling through the countryside seeking solace in seclusion, when he saw a small shed from which he could hear someone meditating. Out of curiosity, he approached the shed and saw an old man lying on the ground and meditating while breathing his last. The wealthy man asked the dying person why he was meditating and thankful to the LORD even though he was deprived of the basic needs. The dying person said he was expressing his gratitude to the LORD for keeping him alive to offer his thanks for all he had during his life. The distressed wealthy person was so impressed by the faith of the dying person that he immediately expressed his gratitude to the LORD for all he had, and made arrangements to move the dying person to the nearest Home for the Aged under his responsibility. This is the POWER OF GRATITUDE. At times when you feel sad or depressed about something unpleasant, you will still find several reasons to be thankful to God, by looking at people who are less privileged than yourself. Scientific research has proven that daily exercise of gratitude will make you more happy & healthy. We need to start looking for the positive side of things in life. When you are thankful for smaller things in your life you end up having more but if you focus on what you don’t have you will never ever have enough. Every complain we do in our daily life we can turn into gratitude start practicing you will see the positive change in your life. For example:

  • complain about traffic instead start thanking that you have car
  • complain about people are too loud start thanking you can hear
  • complain about getting a parking spot far start thanking that you are capable of walking
  • complain about taxes you have to pay start thanking atleast you have a job.

I started my gratitude jar 2 years ago I saw a tremendous change in my life. If you have a gratitude story please share with us to bring the positive change in people’s life.

— by Ashima Kumar