How it all started

Ho wit all Began

One moment in time can change a person’s life forever. During a low point in life, a simple act of kindness by a stranger with no expectation for a return of favor gave hope and inspiration to Ashima Kumar Washington, the founder of Milas Production. It was from this turning point in her life that ignited a spark of passion to write about and document the miracles and unnamed “angels” that God sent to her life thus Milas Production was birthed.

Milas Production is a film company driven by purpose, mission, inspiration and real life experiences. We are committed to sharing hope and encouragement to our audiences through our films and desire to see others experience their personal “turning point” moment. Additionally, Milas Production believes in resurrecting lives and giving opportunities to those who have the same mission to connect with humanity. Through these driving forces, Milas Production foresees itself as a wedge stone to raise up more leaders of positive influence.